PMID: 44156Dec 1, 1979

Hormone assays in polyadenomatosis (author's transl)

Annales de médecine interne
G Milhaud, C Calmettes


Radioimmunological assays of peptidic hormone levels is now an essential procedure for the diagnosis of polyadenomatosis. The diversity of pathological associations found in polyadenomatosis cannot be completely explained by the unitary theories that have been proposed. Neither the APUD system, nor the common embryonic origin, nor the reduction in calcitonin excretion can fully explain the clinical picture: a logical explanation has still to be discovered. In practice, ectopic secretions are frequent in type 2 polyadenomatosis (medullary cancer, pheochromocytoma, neurofibroma, Marfan's syndrome, hyperparathyroidism) contrary to what is observed in type 1 cases (pituitary, parathyroid, pancreas).

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