PMID: 2991698Jul 1, 1985

Hormone levels of the blood of the adrenal veins and inferior vena cava in patients with adrenal and kidney diseases

Meditsinskaia radiologiia
R S TisheninaV G Khzardzhian


Hydrocortisone and aldosterone concentration was determined in 138 patients with arterial hypertension of adrenal and renal genesis in the blood of the adrenal veins and in the cistern of the vena cava inferior, that of deoxycorticosterone in 50 patients, ACTH in 51 and renin activity in the blood plasma of the renal veins in 21 patients. The concentration of steroid hormones adequately reflected adrenal cortex function facilitating differential diagnosis between renal and adrenal pathology variants. Differential diagnostic analysis on the basis of change in the concentration of steroid hormones was found difficult or impossible if the patients received steroidogenesis changing drugs on day, preceding veno graphic examination of the adrenals.

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