Oct 22, 2019

How various concentrations of nutrients affect basal redox homeostasis of fruit flies according to gender and aging

Journal of Food Biochemistry
Yanar KarolinAydın Seval


We evaluated the effects of type of nutrients on redox status according to age and gender in Drosophila melanogaster. Flies were raised on different dose of sucrose and fixed concentration of protein containing media and separated according to their gender and age. Redox status biomarkers such as protein carbonyl groups, dityrosine, kynurenine, lipid hydroperoxides, advanced glycation end products, and Cu,Zn superoxide dismutase were assessed. We found that all of the males had higher levels of basal oxidative stress biomarkers except protein carbonyl. On the other hand, Cu,Zn-superoxide dismutase activity was elevated. We found that high concentration of sucrose leads to impaired redox status. We also observed that high protein content in sucrose-based media fecundity rate was increased and also transition to adult flies and survival ratio were decreased. Further studies are needed to focus on evaluation of the relation between median life span, nutritional mechanisms, and redox status biomarkers. PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS: Aging is characterized by functional decline in whole body system. Unfortunately, many of the life span extension strategies may lead to age-related disorders. It is widely accepted that impaired redox homeost...Continue Reading

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