Jan 1, 1979

Humoral factor that specifically regulates prothrombin (factor II) levels (coagulopoietin-II)

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
M Karpatkin, S Karpatkin


Prothrombin (Factor II) was decreased in rabbits by injection of a goat antiserum to prothrombin. When plasma from these rabbits was injected into normal animals, circulating prothrombin increased in the recipients, suggesting transfer of a humoral regulating factor ("coagulopoietin-II"). This coagulopoietin-II resisted boiling for 20 min. On Sephadex G-50 gel filtration, it remained in the retained volume, suggesting a molecular weight of less than 30,000. In an in vitro liver system, prothrombin increased in the incubation medium in the presence of coagulopoietin-II.

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Sephadex G
Clotting Factor II Assay
F2 gene
Immune Sera
Gel Chromatography
Antigen-Antibody Reactions
Blood Coagulation Factor
Prothrombin, human

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