Nov 1, 1975

Hybrid-versus-parental strain reaction. I. Comparative mortality in allogenetic and parental strain male and female mice

Journal of the National Cancer Institute
D E Uphoff


Lethally irradiated male and female hybrids, parental strains, and the third party strain A mice were inoculated with reciprocal hybrid marrow from donors of the same sex. A graft-versus-host reaction was produced against H-Y antigens of reciprocal hybrids. Although the late mortality in inbred strain males was generally greater than that of females, without further tests this difference was not automatically attributable to an X or a Y chromosome disparity. Hybrids did not recognize the qualitative difference in antigenicity of their reciprocals, but they were able to recognize the quantitatively greater antigenicity of their parental strains, and a hybrid-versus-parental strain reaction occurred. The graft-versus-host reaction in the third party strain A mice was significantly more severe than that produced by hybrid marrow in their reciprocal hybrid recipients, but significantly less severe than that produced in the parental strains. The relationship between antigenicity and responsiveness was such that the severity of the graft-versus-host reactions masked the maternal influences observed with other reciprocal hybrids.

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Y Chromosome
Inbred Strain
Hybridization, Intraspecies
Sex Chromosomes
Graft Vs Host Reaction
Mice, Inbred C3H
Transplantation, Homologous

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