Feb 1, 1976

Hypoventilation in ponies after carotid body denervation

Journal of Applied Physiology
G E BisgardB Rasmussen


Seven ponies were subjected to carotid body denervation (CD) and two ponies were sham operated (S). Measurement of arterial blood gases and arterial blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) acid-base balance were made prior to and 1,2,4,9, and 17 wks after surgery in unanesthetized animals. Resting ventilation and ventilatory responsiveness to hypoxia and NaCN infusion were assessed prior to and 2,9, and 17 wks after surgery. Alveolar hypoventilation in the CD ponies was marked 1-2 wk after surgery when VE and VA were reduced 40% and 10%, respectively, from control and PaCO2 was 12-15 mmHg above control. However, the effect was not nearly as great 4, 9, and 17 wk after surgery when the PaCO2 stabilized at approximately 6 mmHg above control PaCO2. Arterial blood pH was normal in the hypercapnic CD ponies, but CSF pH remained acid relative to normal throughout the 17-wk period. Changes in ventilatory responsiveness to hypoxia and NaCN tended to parallel changes in resting ventilation. These findings suggest: 1) the carotid bodies are essential in ponies to maintain normal ventilation: 2) in CD ponies peripheral chemosensitivity is partially regained at some unestablished locus; and 3) pH compensating mechanisms in chronically hypercap...Continue Reading

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