Ictal clinical patterns and ictal EEG in a case of partial seizures of frontotemporal origin associated with complex symptomatology

Folia Psychiatrica Et Neurologica Japonica
N Nishiura


The patient was a 35-year-old, unmarried male whose epileptic psychomotor fits persisted since the age of 13. The author has observed the case for about 12 years, so that incomplete information concerning epileptic symptoms was considered to be compensated considerably by longitudinal observation, including ictal seizure and ictal EEG's. In this patient seizure with impaired consciousness which correspond rhythmic slow waves of EEG tracing might be a nuclear sign; several kinds of automatism then might be considered as postictal phenomenon. The most important of all was tonic seizure of psychomotor epilepsy particularly in the face which was not seen in the petit mal epilepsy. With observation of ictal period as well as ictal EEG, differential identification of centrencephalic epilepsy and psychomotor epilepsy may not be totally impossible. The case also showed a typical productive psychotic episodes of Landolt, which could be treated favorably by 10 mg of intravenous Haloperidol. This method, named as "pathologization" of Helmchen, was found by the present author as a useful treatmental means of choice.

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Epilepsy, Lateral Temporal
Organic Mental Disorders, Psychotic

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