Identification of a novel efficient transcriptional activation domain from Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata)

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T. ZhuJun Su


Activation domains are used as critical components of artificial gene modification tools for genetic breeding. The high efficiency of the activation domain relies on the host plant. However, no activation domain has been identified that originates from Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolate). In this study, a novel strong activator was identified from the whole Chinese fir cDNA library. This plant conserved activator was named TAC 3 (Transcriptional Activation domain from Chinese fir 3). C-terminal 70 amino acids of TAC (TAC3d) have a stronger ability than the commonly used strong activation domain of the virus protein VP16, or the strong plant activation domain, EDLL, in Chinese fir. Through Dual-luciferase assay, phenomic analysis and FT (Flowering Locus T [FT]) quantification, it was shown that, TAC3d can overcome the transcriptional repression of strong plant repressors (Flowering Locus C [FLC]) when fused to its C-terminal domain, thus inhibit the repression of FT expression. In conclusion, for the first time, an activation domain has been identified from Chinese fir. TAC3, which can be used for precise gene activation in Chinese fir in the future, and its function in the plant is more powerful than the commonly used strong ...Continue Reading

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