PMID: 2147946Dec 1, 1990Paper

Identification of four subsets of human CD3-CD16+ natural killer (NK) cells by the expression of clonally distributed functional surface molecules: correlation between subset assignment of NK clones and ability to mediate specific alloantigen recognition

The Journal of Experimental Medicine
A MorettaE Ciccone


In previous studies we identified a surface molecule (termed GL183) capable of mediating cell activation and selectively expressed by a subset of human CD3-CD16+ natural killer (NK) cells. In this study we analyzed whether other subset-specific functional molecules were expressed in GL183- NK cells. To this end, mice were immunized with the PE29 (CD3-CD16+GL183-) NK clone. Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) were selected by screening the hybridoma supernatants for their ability to trigger the cytolytic activity of clone PE29 against the human myelomonocytic leukemia U937. The EB6 mAb (IgG1) triggered the PE29 clone, but not a GL183+ clone used as a control. EB6+ cells ranged between 1 and 13% of peripheral blood lymphocytes and were largely included in the CD3-CD16+CD56+ cell populations (only less than 2% of EB6+ cells were CD3+). Analysis of resting or activated CD3-CD16+ populations, or clones for the expression of EB6 or GL183 mAbs, allowed us to identify four distinct, phenotypically stable, NK subsets (EB6+GL183-; EB6+GL183+; EB6-GL183+; EB6-GL183-). Similar to GL183 mAb, the EB6 mAb selectively triggered the NK subset expressing the corresponding surface antigen to lyse human tumor cell lines including U937, IGROV-I, M14, and ...Continue Reading


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