DOI: 10.1101/471474Nov 18, 2018Paper

Identification of multi-targeting and synergistic neuromodulators of epilepsy associated protein-targets in Ayurvedic herbs using network pharmacological approach

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Neha Choudhary, Vikram Singh


Epilepsy comprises a wide spectrum of neuronal disorders and accounts for about one percent of global disease burden affecting people of all age groups. In the traditional medicinal system of Indian antiquity, commonly known as Ayurveda, epilepsy is recognised as apasmara and a plenty of information is documented regarding the effectiveness of various herbs against it. Towards exploring the complex regulatory mechanisms of Ayurvedic herbs at molecular levels, in this study, a network pharmacological framework is developed for thoroughly examining the anti-epileptic potential of 349 drug-like phytochemicals (DPCs) found in 63 Ayurvedic herbs. Interaction networks of phytochemicals in anti-epileptic herbs, their protein targets and associated human pathways are designed at various scales and DPCs are mapped on these networks to uncover complex interrelationships. Neuromodulatory prospects of anti-epileptic herbs are probed and, as a special case study, DPCs that can regulate metabotrophic glutamate receptors (mGluRs) are inspected. An account of novel regulatory phytochemicals against epilepsy is reported by systematically analysing the screened DPCs against DrugBank compounds. A repertoire of DPCs having poly-pharmacological sim...Continue Reading

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Case-Control Studies
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Medicine, Ayurvedic
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