DOI: 10.1101/497107Dec 17, 2018Paper

Image-based Phenotyping and Disease Screening of Multiple Populations for resistance to Verticillium dahliae in cultivated strawberry Fragaria x ananassa

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Helen M CockertonR Harrison


Verticillium dahliae is a highly detrimental pathogen of soil cultivated strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa). Breeding of Verticillium wilt resistance into commercially viable strawberry cultivars can help mitigate the impact of the disease. In this study we describe novel sources of resistance identified in biparental strawberry populations, creating a wealth of data for breeders to exploit. Pathogen-informed experiments have allowed the differentiation of subclade-specific resistance responses, through studying V. dahliae subclade II-1 specific resistance in the cultivar 'Redgauntlet' and subclade II-2 specific resistance in 'Fenella' and 'Chandler'. A large-scale low-cost phenotyping platform was developed utilising automated unmanned vehicles and near infrared imaging cameras to assess field-based disease trials. The images were used to calculate disease susceptibility for infected plants through the normalized difference vegetation index score. The automated disease scores showed a strong correlation with the manual scores. A co-dominant resistant QTL; FaRVd3D, present in both 'Redgauntlet' and 'Hapil' cultivars exhibited a major effect of 18.3 % when the two resistance alleles were combined. Another allele, FaRVd5D, identifi...Continue Reading

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