PMID: 9512986Mar 26, 1998

Immune responses of cattle to African trypanosomes: protective or pathogenic?

International Journal for Parasitology
K A Taylor


Trypanosomosis in domestic livestock negatively impacts food production and economic growth in many parts of the world, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. Current methods of control are inadequate to prevent the enormous annual socio-economic losses resulting from this disease. Hope for a vaccine based on the variant surface glycoprotein coat was abandoned several years ago when the complexity of the parasite's antigenic repertoire was appreciated. As a result, research is now focused on identifying invariant trypanosome components as potential targets for interrupting infection or infection-mediated disease. The identification of immune mechanisms involved in parasite and disease control, or conversely those responses that are associated with a poor clinical outcome, should facilitate the search for vaccine candidates and subsequent vaccine design strategies. To this end, comparative studies on the immune responses of trypanotolerant and trypanosusceptible breeds of cattle can be exploited. These studies have revealed that trypanotolerant and trypanosusceptible breeds of cattle have distinct antibody responses. Trypanosusceptible cattle produce high titres of polyspecific IgM but fail to produce IgG to specific trypanosome an...Continue Reading


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