PMID: 8300910Oct 1, 1993Paper

Immunoglobulin-producing tumours in dogs and cats

Journal of Comparative Pathology
W BreuerW Hermanns


Tumours with a plasmacytoid pattern taken from 32 dogs and four cats were examined for the presence of immunoglobulins, which would allow them to be designated as B-cell lymphomas. Within a total of 19 immunoglobulin-positive tumours, three types could be distinguished: extramedullary plasmacytoma (15), multiple myeloma (two) and immunocytoma (two). These tumours occurred in 18 of the dogs, and in one cat (extramedullary plasmacytoma). The characteristics of the immunoglobulin-producing tumours were investigated by light and electron-microscopy as well as by immunohistochemical methods. Seventeen of the 19 tumours expressed lambda-type light chains and one tumour kappa-type light chains. Heavy chains were also synthesized by five tumours.


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