Jan 11, 2011

Immunohistochemical and biochemical assay of MMP-3 in human dentine

Journal of Dentistry
A MazzoniL Breschi


The function of endogenous MMP-3 and its distribution within the human dentine is unclear. Thus, the aim of the present study was to assay the presence and distribution of MMP-3 within human sound dentine by means of biochemical and immunohistochemical assays. Powdered dentine from extracted human teeth was prepared and (1) partially demineralised with 1% H(3)PO(4) for 10min or (2) untreated (control). The presence of MMP-3 was measured using a colorimetric assay system (QuantiSir™, Epigentek, USA). Additional cryo-fractured dentine fragments were processed for immunohistochemical identification of MMP-3 under FEI-SEM. Casein-zymography was used to investigate MMP-3 activity. MMP-3 detected level was 2.732ng/μL in partially demineralised dentine powder, whilst it increased to 3.280ng/μL in mineralised dentine. The FEI-SEM analysis revealed positive immunolabelling patterns for MMP-3, predominantly localized on the intertubular collagen fibrillar network showing MMP-3 directly or indirectly bound to the collagen fibrils. Casein-zymograms showed positive proteolytic activity for MMP-3 in demineralised dentine powder. The results of the study clearly revealed the presence and distribution of MMP3 in human sound dentine. Whilst the...Continue Reading

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