PMID: 2575611Sep 1, 1989Paper

Immunological and genetical relatedness of type-1 and type-2 fimbriae in salmonellas of serotypes Gallinarum, Pullorum and Typhimurium

The Journal of Applied Bacteriology
P B CrichtonS Clegg


The fimbriae of 50 strains of serotype Gallinarum and 35 strains of serotype Pullorum of the genus Salmonella were compared with the type-1 fimbriae of serotype Typhimurium strains by immune electron microscopy and dot blot hybridization tests with gene probes for type-1 fimbriation in Typhimurium. The fimbriae of Gallinarum and Pullorum strains were coated with Typhimurium type-1 fimbrial antiserum and probes hybridized strongly with DNA of Gallinarum and Pullorum strains under stringent conditions. Furthermore, when Typhimurium type-1 fimbrial antiserum, that had been absorbed with fimbriate Gallinarum or Pullorum bacteria, was used in immune gold labelling experiments, it was shown that residual antibody recognized sites of possible adhesin incorporation at intervals along the length of Typhimurium type-1 fimbriae. These findings suggest that the type-2 fimbriae produced by all Gallinarum and Pullorum strains are non-adhesive forms of adhesive, type-1 fimbriae. This observation is of interest because type-1 fimbriae have never been reported in naturally occurring strains of these two avian-adapted serotypes.


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