PMID: 58988Jun 1, 1976

Immunopharmacologic properties of WY-16, 922, a new orally effective antiallergic agent

The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
M E RosenthaleM I Gluckman


In a series of tests designed to illustrate immune reactions similar to those obtained in atopic disease, Wy-16,922 effectively inhibited reaginic-mediated immunologic reactions in the skin, lungs and mast cell. It was found to be devoid of immunosuppressant, antimediator, anti-inflammatory, steroid or bronchodilator properties as well as acute toxicity. Although the mechanism of action of Wy-16,922 is unknown, it appears to limit the release (not the effects) of allergic mediators in a manner similar to that described for disodium cromoglycate.

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