Oct 29, 2018

Impact of mothers' past experience and early-life stress on aggression and cognition in adult male mice

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Vasiliy V ReshetnikovYulia Ryabushkina


Early life is an important period for brain development and behavioral programming. Both reduced maternal care and stress in early life are risk factors for various psychiatric disorders. Here, we hypothesized that females' stressful experience in their early life can lead to a disruption of mother-offspring interactions toward their own progeny. The objective of this study is to assess the effects of mothers' past stressful experience, early-life stress alone or both on behavior in adult male mice. In this study, female mice were allowed to raise their pups either without exposure to stress (normal rearing condition, NC) or with exposure to maternal separation (3h/day, maternal separation, MS) on postnatal days 2-14. Adult F1 female mice who had experienced MS (stressed mothers, SM) or had been reared normally (undisturbed mothers, UM) were used for generating F2 offspring to be or not to be further exposed to early-life stress. We assessed anxiety-like behavior, exploratory activity, locomotor activity, aggression and cognition in four groups of adult F2 males (UM+NC, UM+MS, SM+NC, SM+MS). We found that SM+MS males become more aggressive if agonistic contact is long enough, suggesting a change in their social coping strategy....Continue Reading

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