Improved efficiency of treadmill exercise testing using a multiple lead ECG system and basic hemodynamic exercise response

B R ChaitmanR J Ferguson


One hundred consecutive men with a normal ECG at rest had a maximal treadmill test using 14 leads during and post-exercise. Coronary arteriography performed the following day revealed coronary stenoses greater than or equal to 70% in 66 patients. Test results obtained from a V5 lead were compared to different lead combinations and were correlated with arteriographic findings. A positive exercise test occurred in 37 men using an isolated V5 lead compared to 50 men (P less than 0.05) using 11 leads, 52 men (P less than 0.05) using a combined CM5, CC5, Cl (inferior) lead system and 58 (P less than 0.001) men using all 14 leads. The predictive value of a positive test varied between 89-95% and was not changed significantly by the addition of multiple leads. The 14 lead ECG was positive in 43/45 (96%) patients with multivessel disease. Parameters which helped to predict multivessel disease using 14 leads were 1) the time that ischemia first appeared 2) the pressure-rate product at the time ischemia first appeared, and 3) the maximum workload that could be attained. In general, the magnitude of ST-segment depression and the time required for a positive ECG to return to normal postexercise were not useful predictors of multivessel dis...Continue Reading


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