In-home assessment of flea control and dermatologic lesions in dogs provided by lotilaner (Credelio® ) and spinosad (Comfortis® ) in west central Florida

Veterinary Parasitology: X
Michael W DrydenStanislaw A Warcholek


Post-launch field investigations of recently-approved flea control products establish an efficacy baseline and in subsequent years can detect any efficacy decline suggestive of emerging resistance. As part of a continuing program of yearly assessment of flea control products in west central Florida, this study, using client-owned dogs, investigated the efficacy of lotilaner and spinosad in controlling fleas and in alleviating dermatologic signs likely associated with flea infestations. Forty-four qualifying households were randomized to either a lotilaner (Credelio®) (minimum dose rate 20 mg/kg) or a spinosad (Comfortis®) (30 mg/kg) group, with 33 and 36 dogs in each group, respectively. On Days 0 and 28 (±2) all dogs in each household were treated with the allocated product according to label directions, and all household cats received spinetoram (Cheristin®). On Day 0 and at weekly intervals through Day 56 (±2), on-animal and premises flea burdens were enumerated, a veterinary dermatologist scored integumental changes using canine atopic dermatitis extent and severity index (CADESI)-4 and flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) scales, and owners scored pruritus using the validated canine pruritus severity scale (CPSS). At study entry ...Continue Reading


May 12, 2004·Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology·Melinda J WilkersonMichael Dryden
Sep 12, 2007·Veterinary Dermatology·P B HillJ Rybnicek
Jan 28, 2009·Veterinary Dermatology·J RybnícekP B Hill
Jan 28, 2014·Veterinary Dermatology·Thierry OlivryUNKNOWN International Committe on Allergic Diseases of Animals (ICADA)
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Nov 2, 2017·Parasites & Vectors·Céline E ToutainMartin Jung
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