PMID: 7992837Dec 1, 1994Paper

In situ characterization of antigenic and functional tissue factor expression in human tumors utilizing monoclonal antibodies and recombinant factor VIIa as probes

The American Journal of Pathology
J ContrinoD L Kreutzer


Tissue factor (TF), the primary initiator of blood coagulation in vivo, is expressed in vitro by a variety of cells. Previous efforts to localize TF in tissue and cells have been limited principally to the use of immunological techniques. In the present study, we describe a novel functional probe for TF expression, which can be utilized to localize functional TF in situ in human cells and tissues. This probe, a biotinylated phe-pro-arg-chloro-methyl-ketone-labeled rVIIa (FPR-ck-VIIa), interacts with TF via high-affinity binding sites. The binding of FPR-ck-VIIa, therefore, can be correlated with the ability of TF to activate clotting. In the described studies, TF antigen (TF:Ag) expression was examined immunohistochemically with various TF-specific monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) and was correlated with functional TF expression using our novel TF-binding probe (eg, FPR-ck-VIIa). Initial results indicate that TF:Ag expression correlates with the expression of functional TF (TF:VIIa), and the specificity of both types of probes was confirmed. Parallel antigenic and functional TF expression in situ was demonstrated in various human tumors. We believe this to be the first demonstration of functional TF in situ in human cells and tissu...Continue Reading

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