In vivo mRNA delivery to virus-specific T cells by light-induced ligand exchange of MHC class I antigen-presenting nanoparticles

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F.-Y. SuGabriel A. Kwong


Simultaneous delivery of mRNA to multiple populations of antigen (Ag)-specific CD8+ T cells is challenging given the diversity of peptide epitopes and polymorphism of class I major histocompatibility complexes (MHCI). We developed Ag-presenting nanoparticles (APNs) for mRNA delivery using pMHCI molecules that were refolded with photocleavable peptides to allow rapid ligand exchange by UV light and site-specifically conjugated with a lipid tail for post-insertion into preformed mRNA lipid nanoparticles. Across different TCR transgenic mouse models (P14, OT-1, Pmel), UV-exchanged APNs bound and transfected their cognate Ag-specific CD8+ T cells equivalent to APNs produced using conventionally refolded pMHCI molecules. In mice infected with PR8 influenza, multiplexed delivery of UV-exchanged APNs against three immunodominant epitopes led to ~50% transfection of a VHH mRNA reporter in cognate Ag-specific CD8+ T cells. Our data shows that UV-mediated peptide exchange can be used to rapidly produce APNs for mRNA delivery to multiple populations of Ag-specific T cells in vivo.

Methods Mentioned

RNA assay
dynamic light scattering
peptide exchange
Flow cytometry

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GraphPad Prism

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