Apr 1, 1974

Induction of T-cell differentiation in vitro by thymin, a purified polypeptide hormone of the thymus

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
R S Basch, G Goldstein


Thymin, a purified polypeptide isolated from bovine thymus, was shown to induce the expression of differentiation antigens characteristic of thymocytes [TL and Thy-1 (theta)] when incubated in vitro with mouse bone marrow or spleen cells. This induction occurred in 5-10% of the cells from bone marrow after a 2-hr incubation with subnanogram concentrations of thymin. The induced cells expressed more TL and Thy-1 (theta) antigens than average normal thymocytes.

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Antigens, Differentiation
Neoplasm of Uncertain or Unknown Behavior of Thymus
Bone Marrow
Immune Sera
Bos taurus
Disease of Thymus Gland
Thymic Tissue

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