Mar 1, 1976

Influence of adrenergic receptor blockade on circulatory and metabolic effects of disordered neurotransmitter function in stroke patients

Stroke; a Journal of Cerebral Circulation
J S MeyerA D Ericsson


Cerebral hemispheric blood flow and metabolism were measured before and after therapy with intracarotid infusion of combined PBZ and PPL in 15 patients with recent cerebral infarction. HBF was unaltered despite decrease in cerebral perfusion pressure. Cerebral hemispheric oxygen comsumption and carbon dioxide production decreased while cerebral hemispheric lactate production increased. Biphasic cerebral uptake of tyrosine was observed during and immediately after PBZ and PPL infusion. CSF HVA increased, indicating altered DA turnover. CSF 5HIAA levels also increased, suggesting altered 5HT turnover after PBZ and PPL. Release of cyclic AMP from ischemic brain into cerebral venous blood seen in the steady state was abolished after therapy. Cerebral hemodynamic studies suggest a functional balance between monaminergic neurogenic influences in the control of cerebral circulation. Imbalance of such controlling factors in ischemic brain may lead to paradoxical vascular responses to induced hypertension and hypotension. PBZ and PPL enhance such responses perhaps by increasing central neurotransmitter turnover and release. Further shift toward cerebral anaerobic metabolism may occur in ischemic brain following the use of phenoxybenzami...Continue Reading

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Metabolic Process, Cellular
Neurologic Manifestations
Venous Blood Substance
Cerebrovascular Occlusion
Circulatory System
Phenoxybenzamine Hydrochloride
Portion of Venous Blood

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