PMID: 42629Jan 1, 1979

Influence of diagnosis, hospital and sex on the effects of bromperidol

International Pharmacopsychiatry
B WoggonA Widmer


Based on the data analysis of the AMP-findings of 78 schizophrenic patients from 4 clinical trials, the following effects of Bromperidol could be demonstrated: a strong antipsychotic effect with an early onset (after 3 days), little sedation, good improvement of accompanying depressive symptoms, little autonomic but rather strong extrapyramidal side effects. No differences between the effects in men and women were noticed. Differences between the patient populations of two hospitals were small in comparison to the differences between the patients with catatonic and paranoid schizophrenia. In catatonic patients, Bromperidol had a stronger antipsychotic effect and showed an earlier onset of its effects.

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Antipsychotic Effect
Schizophrenia, Catatonic
Paranoid Schizophrenia
Depressive Symptoms
Clinical Trial [Publication Type]
Factor Construct Rating Scales (Fcrs)
Autonomic Nervous System
Schizophreniform Disorders

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