Influence of hypertonic mannitol on ventricular performance and coronary blood flow in patients

J T WillersonL D Horwitz


The influence of a relatively small increase in serum osmolality produced by hypertonic mannitol on ventricular and systemic arterial hemodynamics and coronary blood flow was studied in 20 patients undergoing cardiac catheterization. Mannitol given to increase serum osmolality 10 mOsm resulted in a small but significant increase in mean systemic arterial pressure, maximum LV dp/dt, left ventricular end-diastolic pressure and cardiac output but no significant change in heart rate or hematocrit. The most prominent change in the patients studied, however, was in coronary blood flow which increased 39% after mannitol. Patients with severe two and three vessel coronary artery disease had increased in coronary blood flow similar to those in patients without coronary artery disease. The data suggest the need to further evaluate the physiological importance of the increase in coronary blood flow produced by mannitol in patients with coronary artery disease and indicate the possibility that mannitol might be of value in treating certain problems in patients with coronary artery disease,


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