PMID: 5958107Dec 1, 1966Paper

Inhibition of coliphage reproduction after superinfection of induced lysogens

Journal of Bacteriology
D J Brenner, N B GROMAN


Brenner, Don J. (University of Washington, Seattle), and Neal B. Groman. Inhibition of coliphage reproduction after superinfection of induced lysogens. J. Bacteriol. 92:1727-1734. 1966.-Purified preparations of phages lambda and lambda112 inhibited lysis, phage reproduction, and endolysin synthesis by ultraviolet-induced strains of K-12 (lambda) and K-12 (lambda112). Structural and partial functional integrity of phage was required for inhibition, and the role of phage deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in inhibition was demonstrated. Both ultraviolet-irradiated and host-modified lysates of lambda were inhibitory, suggesting that replication of superinfecting phage DNA was not essential for inhibition. Using various combinations of superinfecting and resident phage, including lambda, 434, 434hy, and C-mutant derivatives, we observed that all three C region cistrons played some role in inhibition. Of the three, the C(1) cistron was the most critical. With certain phage combinations, inhibition was observed even though the resident and superinfecting phage differed in immune specificity. Both the medium and the method of superinfection determined whether lysis or lysis inhibition would occur. These and other observations with K-12(lambd...Continue Reading

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