PMID: 2658Dec 1, 1975

Inhibition of drug-induced anorexia in rats by methysergide

The Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
A M Barrett, L McSharry


Iproniazid was found to reduce food consumption in fasting rats. Combined treatment of iproniazid with tryptophan resulted in a significantly greater anorexic action whilst tryptophan alone had no effect on food consumption. Iproniazid treatment was associated with a significant increase in brain 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) concentration but in association with tryptophan higher brain 5-HT concentrations were recorded. The anorexic action of the iproniazid-tryptophan combination was antagonized in a dose-dependent fashion by methysergide. Equivalent levels of anorexia induced by fenfluramine and mazindol were similarly antagonized by methysergide in a dose-related manner. The results suggest a common role of 5-HT in the inhibition of eating behaviour in fasting rats when anorexia is induced by iproniazid, fenfluramine or mazindol, sensitive to a specific 5-HT antagonist.


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