DOI: 10.1101/336412Jun 2, 2018Paper

Innate visual preferences and behavioral flexibility in Drosophila

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Martyna J GrabowskaBruno van Swinderen


Visual decision-making in animals is influenced by innate preferences as well as experience. Interaction between hard-wired responses and changing motivational states determines whether a visual stimulus is attractive, aversive, or neutral. It is however difficult to separate the relative contribution of nature versus nurture in experimental paradigms, especially for more complex visual parameters such as the shape of objects. We used a closed-loop virtual reality paradigm for walking Drosophila flies to uncover innate visual preferences for the shape and size of objects, in a recursive choice scenario allowing the flies to reveal their visual preferences over time. We found that Drosophila flies display a robust attraction / repulsion profile for a range of objects sizes in this paradigm, and that this visual preference profile remains evident under a variety of conditions and persists into old age. We also demonstrate a level of flexibility: innate repulsion to certain objects could be transiently overridden if these were novel, although this effect was only evident in younger flies. Finally, we show that a reward circuit in the fly brain, Drosophila neuropeptide F (dNPF), can be recruited to guide visual decision-making. Opt...Continue Reading

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