PMID: 233764Jan 1, 1976

Insoluble "fibrin" in human aortic intima. Quantitative studies on the relationship between insoluble "fibrin", soluble fibrinogen and low density lipoprotein

E B SmithI B Massie


A quantitative assay for fibrin or other insoluble fibrin-like antigens ("fibrin") in small samples of intima is described. Tissue samples were subjected to electrophoresis directly from the intima into an antibody-containing gel to remove and measure fibrinogen and other soluble fibrin reactive antigens (FRA). The residual tissue was then exhaustively incubated with plasmin, and the soluble fragments generated from the insoluble "fibrin" were measured by quantitative immunoelectrophoresis. "Fibrin" accounted for about 2% of the tissue dry weight in normal intima and the ratio fibrinogen/"fibrin" was 1-1.5. In the gelatinous lesions, which seem to be the precursors of fibrous plaques, there was a small increase in "fibrin" but a substantial increase in fibrinogen and low density (LD)-lipoprotein, and the ratio fibrinogen/"fibrin" rose to about 3, which suggests that the increase in "fibrin" is secondary to increased permeation of fibrinogen. At the edges of large plaques there was also a threefold increase in fibrinogen, but "fibrin" increased fivefold, and accounted for 10% of the tissue dry weight. The same high concentration was found in the centres of large fibrous plaques with advanced atheroma lipid. Raised levels of "fib...Continue Reading


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