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Integrative Pharmacogenomics Analysis of Patient Derived Xenografts

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Arvind Singh MerBenjamin Haibe-Kains


One of the key challenges in cancer precision medicine is finding robust biomarkers of drug response. Patient-derived tumor xenografts (PDXs) have emerged as reliable preclinical models since they better recapitulate tumor response to chemo- and targeted therapies. However, the lack of standard tools poses a challenge in the analysis of PDXs with molecular and pharmacological profiles. Efficient storage, access and analysis is key to the realization of the full potential of PDX pharmacogenomic data. We have developed Xeva (XEnograft Visualization & Analysis), an open-source software package for processing, visualization and integrative analysis of a compendium of in vivo pharmacogenomic datasets. The Xeva package follows the PDX minimum information (PDX-MI) standards and can handle both replicate-based and 1x1x1 experimental designs. We used Xeva to characterize the variability of gene expression and pathway activity across passages. We found that only a few genes and pathways have passage specific alterations (median intraclass correlation of 0.53 for genes and positive enrichment score for 92.5% pathways). For example, activity of the mRNA 3'-end processing and elongation arrest and recovery pathways were strongly affected by...Continue Reading

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Dec 31, 2018·Arvind Singh MerBenjamin Haibe-Kains

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