Inter-species variations in myocardial responsiveness to cardiac glycosides: possible relations to the thyroid status

Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology
B FelzenO Binah


Mammalian species differ in their myocardial responsiveness to cardiac glycosides; whereas glycosides induce a marked positive inotropic effect in species such as dog, rabbit and guinea-pig, the rat myocardium is virtually insensitive. We investigated the physiological basis for this phenomenon by testing the hypothesis that the inter-species variations in the response of the myocardium to cardiac glycosides results, at least in part, from species-related differences in the "thyroid status". In the present study we focused on the toxic effects of the glycosides, and studied ouabain-induced delayed afterdepolarizations (DAD): (1) in guinea-pigs, rats and mice, which encompass a wide range of thyroid statuses, as indicated by their O2 consumption and thyroid hormone levels; (2) in guinea-pigs and rats in which the thyroid status was decreased by propylthiouracil treatment or increased by thyroxine administration (in the former species only). DAD were readily induced in guinea-pigs after 40 to 60 min superfusion with 10(-6) M ouabain and 5.4 mM Ca2+. In rats, DAD were induced only when the Ca2+ concentration was raised to 8.1 mM, but were absent in mice even after 2 h of superfusion with ouabain and 8.1 mM Ca2+. In guinea-pigs and...Continue Reading


Jun 18, 2005·Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods·Daniela S HauserGuido Hanauer
Feb 15, 1992·American Journal of Medical Genetics·P BeightonP Tsipouras

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