Sep 20, 2006

Interdomain interactions in the tumor suppressor discs large regulate binding to the synaptic protein GukHolder

The Journal of Biological Chemistry
Yi Qian, Kenneth E Prehoda


Multidomain scaffolding proteins are central components of many signaling pathways and are commonly found at membrane specializations. Here we have shown that multiple interdomain interactions in the scaffold Discs Large (Dlg) regulate binding to the synaptic protein GukHolder (GukH). GukH binds the Src homology 3 (SH3) and guanylate kinase-like (GK) protein interaction domains of Dlg, whereas an intramolecular interaction between the two domains inhibits association with GukH. Regulation occurs through a PDZ domain adjacent to the SH3 that allows GukH to interact with the composite SH3-GK binding site, but PDZ ligands inhibit GukH binding such that Dlg forms mutually exclusive PDZ ligand and GukH cellular complexes. The PDZ-SH3-GK module is a common feature of membrane associate guanylate kinase scaffolds such as Dlg, and these results indicate that its supramodular architecture leads to regulation of Dlg complexes.

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