Interleukin-17 pathway activation in Equus caballus supporting limb laminitis

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Lynne CassimerisH. Galantino-Homer


Supporting Limb Laminitis (SLL) is a painful and crippling secondary complication of orthopedic injuries and infections in horses, often resulting in euthanasia. Due to altered weight bearing, SLL causes structural alternations and inflammation of the interdigitating layers of specialized epidermal and dermal tissues, the lamellae, which suspend the equine distal phalanx from the hoof capsule. Activation of the interleukin-17 (IL-17)-dependent inflammatory pathway is an epidermal stress response that contributes to physiologic cutaneous wound healing as well as pathological skin conditions. To test the hypothesis that IL-17 pathway activation is involved in equine epidermal lamellae in SLL, we analyzed the expression of the IL-17 receptor subunit A and 11 genes upregulated by IL-17 in lamellar tissue isolated from Thoroughbreds euthanized due to naturally occurring SLL and in age and breed matched non-laminitic controls. The IL-17 Receptor A subunit was expressed in both non-laminitic and laminitic tissues. In severe acute SLL (n=7) compared to non-laminitic controls (n=8), quantitative PCR demonstrated ~20-100 fold upregulation of {beta} defensin 4 (E. caballus gene DEFB4B) and S100A9 genes. DEFB4B was also upregulated in deve...Continue Reading

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