Interplay between substrate recognition, 5' end tRNA processing and methylation activity of human mitochondrial RNase P

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Agnes KarasikMarkos Koutmos


Human mitochondrial ribonuclease P (mtRNase P) is an essential three protein complex that catalyzes the 5' end maturation of mitochondrial precursor tRNAs (pre-tRNAs). MRPP3 (Mitochondrial RNase P Protein 3), a protein-only RNase P (PRORP), is the nuclease component of the mtRNase P complex and requires a two-protein S-adenosyl methionine (SAM)-dependent methyltransferase MRPP1/2 sub-complex to function. Dysfunction of mtRNase P is linked to several human mitochondrial diseases, such as mitochondrial myopathies. Despite its central role in mitochondrial RNA processing, little is known about how the protein subunits of mtRNase P function synergistically. Here we use purified mtRNase P to demonstrate that mtRNase P recognizes, cleaves, and methylates some, but not all, mitochondrial pre-tRNAs in vitro. Additionally, mtRNase P does not process all mitochondrial pre-tRNAs uniformly, suggesting the possibility that some pre-tRNAs require additional factors to be cleaved in vivo. Consistent with this, we found that addition of the MRPP1 co-factor SAM enhances the ability of mtRNase P to bind and cleave some mitochondrial pre-tRNAs. Furthermore, the presence of MRPP3 can enhance the methylation activity of MRPP1/2. Taken together, our...Continue Reading

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