Interstitial cell modulation of pyeloureteric peristalsis in the mouse renal pelvis examined using FIBSEM tomography and calcium indicators

Pflügers Archiv : European journal of physiology
Hikaru HashitaniRichard J Lang


Typical and atypical smooth muscle cells (TSMCs and ASMCs, respectively) and interstitial cells (ICs) within the pacemaker region of the mouse renal pelvis were examined using focused ion beam scanning electron (FIB SEM) tomography, immunohistochemistry and Ca2+ imaging. Individual cells within 500-900 electron micrograph stacks were volume rendered and associations with their neighbours established. 'Ribbon-shaped', Ano1 Cl- channel immuno-reactive ICs were present in the adventitia and the sub-urothelial space adjacent to the TSMC layer. ICs in the proximal renal pelvis were immuno-reactive to antibodies for CaV3.1 and hyperpolarization-activated cation nucleotide-gated isoform 3 (HCN3) channel sub-units, while basal-epithelial cells (BECs) were intensely immuno-reactive to Kv7.5 channel antibodies. Adventitial to the TSMC layer, ASMCs formed close appositions with TSMCs and ICs. The T-type Ca2+channel blocker, Ni2+ (10-200 μM), reduced the frequency while the L-type Ca2+ channel blocker (1 μM nifedipine) reduced the amplitude of propagating Ca2+ waves and contractions in the TSMC layer. Upon complete suppression of Ca2+ entry through TSMC Ca2+ channels, ASMCs displayed high-frequency (6 min-1) Ca2+ transients, and ICs distri...Continue Reading


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scanning electron microscopy
fluorescence imaging
electron microscopy

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