Jan 1, 1989

Intrathyroidal mast cells express major histocompatibility complex class-II antigens

International Archives of Allergy and Applied Immunology
K BanovacA Rabinovitch


We studied the expression of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class-II antigen in mast cells of rat thyroid glands. In the normal rat thyroid, mast cells express MHC class-II antigen. In BioBreeding Wistar (BB/W) rats, the strain of animals prone to develop spontaneous autoimmune thyroiditis, the number of MHC class-II-positive mast cells was significantly higher than in normal rats (p less than 0.01). Furthermore, intrathyroidal mast cells in BB/W rats showed an increased MHC class-II expression before the appearance of circulating thyroid antibodies or the infiltration of tissue with mononuclear cells. These data suggest that mast cells in the rat thyroid gland may have a function as antigen-presenting cells.

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Rats, Inbred WF
Mononuclear Cells
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Major Histocompatibility Complex
Streptozotocin Diabetes
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Rats, Inbred BB

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