Nov 11, 2003

Intratumoural chemotherapy with 5-fluorouracil for palliation of bronchial cancer in patients with severe airway obstruction

The Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
Firuz Celikoglu, Seyhan I Celikoglu


Patients with tracheal or major airway obstruction owing to inoperable carcinomas are at risk of developing respiratory failure or postobstructive pneumonia. In such cases, there is an urgency to restore the airway. Bronchoscopic interventional procedures for palliation of malignant airway obstruction are becoming more common in clinical practice. However, as current interventional methods may be unavailable or are contraindicated, we have investigated the use of direct intratumoural injection with 5-fluorouracil for tumour regression to open the airway. In this study, 65 patients who presented with greater than 50% obstruction of at least one major airway were treated with 5-fluorouracil injection directly into the endobronchial tumour or area of infiltrated bronchial mucosa through a flexible fiber-optic bronchoscope. The pretreatment luminal opening for this cohort of 65 patients ranged from 0% (totally obstructed) to 40%, with an overall mean luminal opening of 22% (78% occlusion). There was a positive response to intratumoural injection in 56 of 65 patients, and a large reduction in the size of tumours by endoscopic evaluation in the majority of cases. Overall, the mean pretreatment luminal opening of 22.0% was significant...Continue Reading

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