Investigating causal relationships between sleep traits and risk of breast cancer: a Mendelian randomization study

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Rebecca RichmondGeorge Davey Smith


Objective: To examine whether sleep traits have a causal effect on risk of breast cancer. Design: Multivariable regression, one- and two-sample Mendelian randomization. Setting: The UK Biobank prospective cohort study and the Breast Cancer Association Consortium (BCAC) case-control genome-wide association study. Participants: 156,848 women in the multivariable regression and one-sample Mendelian randomization analysis in UK Biobank (7,784 with a breast cancer diagnosis) and 122,977 breast cancer cases and 105,974 controls from BCAC in the two-sample Mendelian randomization analysis. Exposures: Self-reported chronotype (morning/evening preference), insomnia and sleep duration in multivariable regression, and genetic variants that were robustly associated with these exposures in UK Biobank. Main outcome measures: Breast cancer (prevalent and incident cases in UK Biobank, prevalent cases only in BCAC). Results: In multivariable regression analysis using data on breast cancer incidence in the UK Biobank study, morning preference was inversely associated with breast cancer (HR 0.95, 95% CI 0.93, 0.98 per category increase) while there was little evidence for an association with sleep duration and insomnia risk. Using 341 single nucl...Continue Reading

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