Feb 11, 2018

Investigation of the phosphatidylserine binding properties of the lipid biosensor, Lactadherin C2 (LactC2), in different membrane environments

Journal of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes
Kathryn Del Vecchio, Robert V Stahelin


Lipid biosensors are robust tools used in both in vitro and in vivo applications of lipid imaging and lipid detection. Lactadherin C2 (LactC2) was described in 2000 as being a potent and specific sensor for phosphatidylserine (PS) (Andersen et al. Biochemistry 39:6200-6206, 2000). PS is an anionic phospholipid enriched in the inner leaflet of the plasma membrane and has paramount roles in apoptosis, cells signaling, and autophagy. The myriad roles PS plays in membrane dynamics make monitoring PS levels and function an important endeavor. LactC2 has functioned as a tantamount PS biosensor namely in the field of cellular imaging. While PS specificity and high affinity of LactC2 for PS containing membranes has been well established, much less is known regarding LactC2 selectivity for subcellular pools of PS or PS within different membrane environments (e.g., in the presence of cholesterol). Thus, there has been a lack of studies that have compared LactC2 PS sensitivity based upon the acyl chain length and saturation or the presence of other host lipids such as cholesterol. Here, we use surface plasmon resonance as a label-free method to quantitatively assess the apparent binding affinity of LactC2 for membranes containing PS with ...Continue Reading

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