PMID: 41359Jan 1, 1979

Isolation of anti-foot and mouth IgG by means of affinity chromatography

Veterinarno-meditsinski nauki
N MarchevN Bazhlekov


The coupling of the F. M. D. antigen with unsoluble CNBr-activated sepharose (2B or 4B) induced the production of an active agent with which the specific F. M. D. antibody of the investigated solution may covalently couple. Coupling procedures prove most effective with the use of buffer solutions of high ion strength that is necessary for the reduction of a protein-protein adsorption initiated by the polyoelectrolite nature of proteins. The produced complexes of the type CNBr activated sepharose--12C antigen--antibody after elimination of the unspecific serum proteins are dissociated up to the release of a specific IgG antibody.

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