Jan 1, 1976

Kinetics of haemopoietic recovery in endotoxin-treated mice

Cell and Tissue Kinetics
S K Lahiri


Kinetics of mouse spleen colony forming units were studied after intra-peritoneal injection of 1 mug/blody weight bacterial endotoxin S. typhosa. When these mice were used as unirradiated and sublethally irradiated donors, it was possible to study the effect of the endotoxin injection upon the cells. Use of the treated mice as irradiated recipients of normal cells gave information about the host effect. In treated unirradiated mice, the total nucleated cell and the CFU counts were disturbed, and 2 days later a large fraction of the CFU were found in the DNA synthesis (S) phase. This meant that injection of endotoxin generated factors affecting the kinetics of the CFU and triggering the resting CFU into the proliferative cycle. If then the mice were given supralethal irradiation and used as recipients of normal bone marrow cells, more CFU seeded to the spleen as compared to normal recipients; but the dip and the growth rate of the CFU were not changed. Hence the endotoxin-generated factors had been eliminated in 2 days. A total body sublethal irradiation by 400 rad X-ray 2 days after endotoxin injection reduced the post-irradiation dip in the recovery curve of the CFU, indicating that though the factors affecting the cell kineti...Continue Reading

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