Lack of clinical and physiological relationship between gastrin and calcitonin in man

European Journal of Clinical Investigation
G HeynenP Franchimont


The clinical and physiological relevance of the relationship between gastrin and calcitonin has been investigated in normal subjects and in patients suffering from gastritis or duodenal ulcer. Basal plasma levels of calcitonin are increased in these patients but there is no significant relationship between calcitonin and gastrin levels. Acute pentagastrin injection in normal male subjects increased significantly (P less than 0.05) plasma calcitonin levels whereas lower doses of pentagastrin which are known to stimulate gastric secretion are without effect on calcitonin levels. Moreover, stimulation of gastrin secretion by a protein test meal and by intragastric administration of a calcium chloride solution is not followed by any significant increase of plasma calcitonin levels. These results suggest that the stimulation of calcitonin secretion by gastrin and its synthetic analogue pentagastrin is a pharmacological rather than a physiological phenomenon.


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