DOI: 10.1101/462051Nov 5, 2018Paper

Large Anoura (Chiroptera:Glossophaginae) taxonomy, taxonomic status of Anoura carishina, and implications for the distribution of Anoura latidens in Colombia.

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Camilo Andres Calderon-AcevedoN. Muchhala


The Anoura geoffroyi species complex is composed of 3 large species: A. geoffroyi, A. peruana, and A. carishina. Several inconsistencies arise from the description of A. carishina, and given the lack of a comparison with the dentition and external characters of A. latidens, here we compare the taxonomic characters of these species. To understand the position of A. carishina in the morphospace occupied by large Anoura, we conducted a Principal Component Analysis on 12 craniodental and 11 external variables. We complement our results with further analysis of traits thought to be diagnostic for these species, including 1) an elliptical Fourier transformation analysis of the shape of the third upper premolar (P4), 2) a comparison of the area of the second (P3) and third (P4) upper premolars, and 3) a comparison of maxillary toothrow angles. We find that A. carishina is morphologically indistinguishable from A. latidens, and that there is broad overlap in morphology between A. latidens and A. geoffroyi. However several characters found in A. latidens are lacking in A. geoffroyi, including a triangular shape to the P4 caused by a medial-internal cusp enclosed by the base of the tooth, a lack of development of the anterobasal cusp in ...Continue Reading

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