Apr 25, 2020

Testing different forms of regulation of yolk thyroid hormone transfer in pied flycatchers

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Tom SarraudeS. Ruuskanen


Hormones transferred from mothers to their offspring are considered a maternal tool to prepare progeny for expected environmental conditions, increasing maternal fitness. To flexibly influence offspring, mothers should be able to transmit the hormonal signals independent of their own hormonal status. However, the ability to regulate hormone transfer to the next generation is under debate. We studied the transfer of thyroid hormones (THs) to eggs in a bird model. We elevated thyroxine (T4, the prohormone for the biological active triiodothyronine, T3) during egg-laying using T4 implants on females of a wild population of pied flycatchers (Ficedula hypoleuca), and measured plasma and yolk T4 and T3 as a response. To our knowledge, studies that manipulated a prohormone and measured the change in its active metabolites have rarely been conducted. We found an increase in plasma and yolk T4 and no change in T3 concentrations leading to a similar decrease in yolk T3/T4 ratio in response to the T4 treatment in plasma and yolk. This suggests that mothers are able to regulate the conversion of T4 in T3 to avoid potential costs of elevated exposure to the active hormone to herself and to her progeny. Finally, contrary to our predictions, ...Continue Reading

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