Jan 23, 2020

Linguistic input drives brain network configuration during language comprehension.

Ileana QuinonesManuel Carreiras


Assessing the synchrony and interplay between distributed neural regions is critical to understanding how language is processed. Here, we investigated possible neuro-functional links between form and meaning during sentence comprehension combining a classical whole-brain approach to characterize patterns of brain activation resulting from our experimental manipulation with a novel multivariate network-based approach where the combination of graph-theory measures allow us to unravel the architectonic configuration of the language system. Capitalizing on the Spanish gender agreement system, we experimentally manipulated formal and conceptual factors: whether the noun-adjective grammatical gender relationship was congruent or not and whether the noun gender type was conceptual or strictly formal. Left inferior and middle frontal gyri, as well as left MTG/STG emerged as critical areas for the computation of grammatical relations. However, critically, we demonstrate how the interface between formal and conceptual features depends on the synergic articulation of brain areas divided in three subnetworks and extends beyond this classical left-lateralized perisylvian language circuit. Critically, we isolated a subregion of the left angu...Continue Reading

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