Local control of pulmonary resistance and lung compliance in the canine lung

Journal of Applied Physiology
R L CoonJ P Kampine


Local control of pulmonary resistance and lung compliance was studied in the in situ left lower lobe of the canine lung. Recirculation of blood through the lobe while the Pco2 of the ventilatory gas was varied resulted in an increase in resistance and a decrease in compliance only when the pulmonary venous pH was greater than 7.42. Alternating sodium bicarbonate and lactic acid infusion while alveolar Pco2 was maintained below 5 mmHg demonstrated the dependence of the hypocapnic response on the acid-base status of the blood perfusing the respiratory airways. The increase in resistance and decrease in compliance observed at a pulmonary venous pH of 7.64 was comparable to that observed after lobar pulmonary artery occlusion. Varying degrees of hypoxia did not significantly affect bronchomotor tone, nor was the bronchoconstriction following lobar pulmonary artery occlusion affected by the hypoxia. Vagal stimulation superimposed on a stepwise increase in pulmonary venous pH from 7.32 to 7.62 resulted in an increase in resistance which paralleled the increase in resistance when pulmonary venous pH alone was increased. Compliance was not significantly affected by vagal stimulation at any level of pulmonary venous pH.

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