Sep 1, 1977

Loeffler's endocarditis presenting as mitral and tricuspid stenosis

The American Journal of Cardiology
A E WeymanH King


Loeffler's endocarditis characteristically produces cardiac dysfunction by the combined effects of endocardial fibrosis with restriction to diastolic inflow and intracavitary thrombosis with partial cavity obiliteration. Although valve dysfunction may complicate this condition, it is rarely of primary hemodynamic significance. This report describes an unusual case in which mitral and tricuspid stenosis were the primary cardiac lesions. Because of the critical nature of the valve stenosis, surgical intervention was attempted despite evidence of left ventricular involvement. This case suggests than when significant valve dysfunction complicates Loeffler's endocarditis, surgical revision may be undertaken with at least temporary amelioration of the valve disorder and without apparent adverse effect on the underlying disease process.

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Loeffler's Endocarditis
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Adverse Effects
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