PMID: 5909252Jan 1, 1966

Lung cancer. Improved cytologic detection by inducing production of sputum

California Medicine
L F Steel


The principle of producing bronchial lavage by deposition of large amounts of heated aerosol has resulted in a significantly greater yield of positive cytologic diagnosis of bronchogenic carcinoma than with repeated "volunteer" specimens of sputum. Positive pressure plus bronchodilators augments greater sputum volume. Using this technique, cases in which results of bronchoscopy and aspiration biopsy were negative for malignant change, were diagnosed cytologically. Application of this technique can sometimes detect early lung carcinoma before roentgenographic changes are detectable. Positive tests in clinically far advanced disease may prevent unnecessary surgical intervention. The simplicity of the technique, the freedom from adverse reactions, and its wide acceptance by the subjects tested, make it valuable in the diagnosis of lung cancer.

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