Feb 1, 1977

Lung tumours and ACTH production

Clinical Endocrinology
G A BloomfieldL H Rees


ACTH levels measured by N- and C-terminal immunoassays and cytochemical bioassay, were measured in fourteen lung tumours not associated with the ectopic ACTH syndrome and in macroscopically normal lung tissue taken from the same patients at thoracotomy. Significant concentrations of immunocative (greater than 3 ng/g wet weight) and bioactive (greater than 0.2 ng/g wet weight) ACTH were found in all the carcinoid and oat cell tumours (n=9), a combined tumour (poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma with large cell carcinoid elements), and a poorly differentiated squamous cell tumour. All the carcinoid tumours contained more C- than N-terminal ACTH immunoactivity. The squamous cell tumours (n=2), anaplastic tumours (n=2) and adenocarcinoma contained insignificant ACTH levels. There was a good correlation between the ACTH levels and the presence of secretory granules in the tumours examined ultrastructually. All the macroscopically normal samples of lung tissue contained immuno and bioactive ACTH-like material, the levels of which correlated well with ACTH levels in the tumour tissue. It is suggested that all lung tumours of carcinoid or oat cell type synthesize ACTH-like materials although clinical evidence of the ectopic ACTH syndr...Continue Reading

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