Lysine nutrition in swine and the related monogastric animals: muscle protein biosynthesis and beyond

Shengfa F LiaoNaresh Regmi


Improving feed efficiency of pigs with dietary application of amino acids (AAs) is becoming increasingly important because this practice can not only secure the plasma AA supply for muscle growth but also protect the environment from nitrogen discharge with feces and urine. Lysine, the first limiting AA in typical swine diets, is a substrate for generating body proteins, peptides, and non-peptide molecules, while excess lysine is catabolized as an energy source. From a regulatory standpoint, lysine is at the top level in controlling AA metabolism, and lysine can also affect the metabolism of other nutrients. The effect of lysine on hormone production and activities is reflected by the change of plasma concentrations of insulin and insulin-like growth factor 1. Lysine residues in peptides are important sites for protein post-translational modification involved in epigenetic regulation of gene expression. An inborn error of a cationic AA transporter in humans can lead to a lysinuric protein intolerance condition. Dietary deficiency of lysine will impair animal immunity and elevate animal susceptibility to infectious diseases. Because lysine deficiency has negative impact on animal health and growth performance and it appears that...Continue Reading


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